Personnel administration and employee services

The company provides a specialised all-inclusive service for the administration of personnel and elaborates 84,000 payslips each year (since 2013).

It also manages the complex integrated system of services that involves all the accounting and financial processes connected with the administration of employees, constantly aspiring to the innovation and simplification of the processes.

  • The sector provides three lines of service:
  • Personnel administration;
  • Corporate catering;
  • Corporate travel;



PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION Administration of non-managerial staff, external collaborators and members of the corporate bodies of the customer companies. Among the main services offered:

  • processing of payroll and related tax, security and insurance compliance;
  • processing of CUD and 770 forms;
  • administrative management of the ASTRI supplementary pension fund;
  • complete online management of the 730 tax returns form;
  • travel system management for employees of the Group;
  • management and control of the catering service for the company canteens

COMPANY CATERING: Essediesse manages and controls the catering service for the offices in Rome and Florence as well as for the 9 motorway sections with a volume of approximately 30,000 meals per month;


BUSINESS TRAVEL:travel service for employees with the use of an information system that enables the employee to independently manage travel.