Debt collection and customer assistance

The Company provides a specialised service in the field of debt recovery of a judicial and extrajudicial nature and customer assistance.

The Debt Recovery structure specialises in the management of large volumes of violations and is able to ensure the collection of tolls in accordance with the current regulations.


Services carried out on behalf of the customer companies:

  • Identification of the owner of the vehicle
  • Notification of penalties resulting from violations
  • Recovery activities including legal proceedings.
  • Debt recovery relating to the use of non-simultaneous securities managed by the Telepass company (tolls, ancillary services and service charges)
  • Customer assistance and management of relationships with the same within in the activities of Credit Recovery and Billing

In all debt situations, the customer may receive assistance by site, phone, letter and mail.

Correspondence: C.P: 2077 FLORENCE BRANCH 39
50013 Florence
Phone: 0554210452 (Monday - Friday 9-17)
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