Fiscal services

The company guarantees fiscal assistance to client companies on behalf of whom it also carries out substitute activities for the obligation for the submission of various tax declarations on business income, VAT, local taxes including also electronic transmission thereof. Preparation, management and preservation of mandatory VAT records and documentation.


Among the main services:

  • Determination of the current and deferred IRES / IRAP tax to the interim financial statements and the financial statements;
  • Liquidation and periodic payment of withholding taxes, VAT, Group VAT and other indirect taxes and local laws;
  • Preparation of statements / tax notices for IRES, IRAP, VAT, Group VAT,‘spesometro', letters of intent, local taxes purposes, etc...;
  • Fulfillment of obligations for the payment of the virtual stamp duties;
  • Ensures the registration of contracts with the Inland Revenue and registration of real estate leases through the Entratel circuit;
  • Assists the company's clients in the event of access, inspections and audits by the tax authorities;
  • At the request of the tax authorities, provides clarification, data and news, for the payment of taxes and for the formal control of declarations;
  • Provides data and assists the Auditing company and the Board of Auditors with respect to taxes;
  • Provides company customers with the information or reports of relevant data;
  • Prepares, manages and preserves documents and mandatory VAT records, also in substitute mode.